We perform specialist cleaning after:

  • Incidents (after a fire or flooding)
  • A compulsive hoarder has been living in a property
  • A death in the home
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Our professional cleaning services after an incident

Have you suffered a fire, flooding, water damage or a gas leak? Our professional cleaning and hygiene experts are standing by, regardless of what the incident involved.

Professional cleaning after a fire

After a fire, call on our experts to clear and clean your items. In addition to restoring your home or premises, we can also solve specific problems relating to this damage, such as soot, smoke or even the water and chemical products used by the firefighters.

Professional cleaning after flooding

In the event of water damage or flooding, we can support you in the restoration of your building. We get rid of rubble, mud or garden waste carried in by the water, clean your furnishings, floors and walls and much more besides.

We also make sure we work efficiently and quickly so that you can get back into your property quickly.

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All this while ensuring that we work quickly and efficiently, so that you can quickly regain possession of your property.

Professional cleaning in cases of compulsive hoarding

Where a compulsive hoarder has been living in a property, very specific expertise will be required. In order to ensure that our services are effective, we work in several stages, from clearing and transporting the waste to the disposal facility to cleaning the property from top to bottom, or even disinfecting it (pest control for rodent or insect infestation, etc.).

If the damage is more substantial, we can also handle any repairs (impacts, mould treatment, painting and so on).

Professional cleaning after a death

In the event of a death in the home, the families of the deceased often feel helpless, especially since this tragic event generally comes with many administrative expenses. In order to help you get through this ordeal, our professional cleaning experts can support you by cleaning your loved one’s property.

Our company specialises in the disinfection and complete decontamination of the premises. This expertise is particularly important because bacterial and harmful particles can develop in this kind of situation. We also empty the property and clean it so that it can be put up for sale or occupied in the future.

Our other professional cleaning services

We are facilitators. We strive to make your life easier, no matter what your needs may be. This is why our company, which specialises in professional cleaning and maintenance services, offers a wide range of different services.

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We are at your service. We’ll strive to understand your situation and requirements in order to ensure an appropriate response.

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