We offer daily, weekly or as-needed maintenance for:

  • Offices
  • Retail spaces
  • Hotels, bars and restaurants
  • Common areas in buildings
  • Windows

Regular professional cleaning for your offices

Look after your employees’ health and provide a high-quality working environment. Clean offices and premises improve productivity and well-being. That is why it is important to invest in a regular professional cleaning service. We can maintain your offices, toilets, floors, kitchens, canteens and other facilities.

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Professional cleaning for your retail spaces

Entrust the cleaning of your retail spaces to our workplace hygiene experts and welcome customers into a clean and healthy environment that reflects your quality standards. We are flexible with services tailored to meet the needs and requirements of your industry (food, fashion and textiles, etc.).

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Our professional cleaning services for the hospitality sector

Now more than ever, workplace hygiene and cleaning have an important role to play in the management of your establishment. Increasingly strict standards are required to ensure your customers’ safety.

Whether you run a hotel, bar or restaurant, our experts can provide professional cleaning and maintenance of your premises.

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Professional maintenance for common areas in buildings

Are you a property manager? Are you one of the co-owners of an apartment block? Our professional cleaning company can take care of cleaning and minor maintenance for common areas in your building. We can maintain your floors, carpets, lighting and more.

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Window cleaning

Discover our window-cleaning services as well. We use professional equipment and products, allowing us to ensure that our work is completed quickly and effectively. Our experts are here to help, so you can enjoy the view.

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You are unique – and so are your needs

We are flexible and adapt our services to the specific needs of your business. Before each job, we take the time to draw up precise specifications for your professional cleaning.

Highlighting the services that you consider essential allows us to ensure clear and rigorous monitoring of the services provided. This is how we maintain high standards of responsiveness and availability.

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Discover our other professional maintenance services

Our goal? To become the single point of contact for all your needs. That’s why we can maintain your garden (mowing, cutting, etc.), offer professional maintenance services (painting, plumbing, bathrooms, etc.) and perform more specific professional cleaning tasks (after construction work, following an incident and so on).

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Let’s talk about your business needs

We are available, responsive and at your service. We aim to offer the most appropriate solution, by understanding the unique needs of your business.