We offer the following professional disinfection services:

  • Pest control (rodents)
  • Pest control (insects)
  • Disinfection for offices
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Pest control services and treatments

Our professional disinfection company works with businesses and individuals to eradicate pests that are invading their premises, houses or apartments. We can deal with rats, mice, moles, cockroaches, moths, bed bugs, fleas and more besides.

Our pest control service for rodent infestation

We offer a quick and effective pest control service for rodent infestation Our professional disinfection and cleaning company helps to get rid of rats and mice, as well as moles and other small rodents.

This is done in the most discreet way possible and in accordance with the standards and regulations in effect, particularly in terms of the products we use.

Our pest control service for insect infestation

We can help you deal with roaches, cockroaches, flying insects, fleas, bed bugs, moths, caterpillars, mange, dust mites and more. Our techniques and methods aim to get rid of pests and insects for the long term.

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Professional disinfection for offices

In the event of contamination (from viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.), our professional disinfection company offers a range of services to sanitise your premises.

Moreover, because acquiring new skills is one of our company’s core values, our experts are regularly trained in new disinfection techniques. This means we can offer effective services that are also safe for your health. Our preferred methods include:

  • professional disinfection by air (fogging)
  • professional disinfection by spraying (of powder or vapour)
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Our commitments

An audit of your needs – Before we do anything, our professional disinfection company visits your premises and offices and advises you about the drawing up of comprehensive specifications.

Your health and the environment are at the heart of our concerns – We carefully select our partners for products that comply with the standards in effect in terms of professional disinfection.

Completely transparent communication – We are honest and authentic. We have your interests at heart and always try to say things in the most transparent way possible.

Specific monitoring – We are responsible. We ensure that our services are monitored in a specific, reactive manner and take responsibility when necessary. That’s because your satisfaction and trust matter to us.

Call upon our professional disinfection experts

Whether getting rid of pests of disinfecting your offices, we adapt our service to your needs and the unique situation of your business.