We can help with cleaning:

  • After renovation work
  • Following construction work
  • Before/after moving
  • Special surfaces
  • Graffiti removal
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Professional cleaning after renovation work

Comprehensive cleaning is very often required after construction or renovation work. This allows you to get rid of dust and also any residues from paint, chemical products, cement and so on.

Our experts will clean your home, apartment or professional premises so that you can move (back) into them very quickly.

Professional cleaning after construction work

Are you a contractor in the construction sector? Our experts specialise in large-scale cleaning jobs and can offer comprehensive professional maintenance services for your construction sites. We can remove your waste, vacuum and dust surfaces and air ducts, clean floors and walls, disinfect toilets and bathrooms, degrease windows and more besides.

We offer our services following construction work and also during your project (between the different stages, for example), depending on your needs.

Tell us about your one-off cleaning project

Tell us about your one-off cleaning project

Professional cleaning before and after moving

Are you planning to move? If so, remember to clean your old home before doing an inventory. Our team specialises in cleaning before and after moving and can take care of your floors, walls, windows, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as the small things that are often overlooked when you do the work yourself (switches, heaters, etc.).

We can also help after you arrive in your new home, by performing a deep clean of your house or apartment, for a clean, healthy property you can call home.

Professional maintenance of special surfaces

Carpet, parquet flooring, marble or Petit Granit (Belgian Blue Limestone) are all materials that require special maintenance. Thanks to our expertise in professional maintenance techniques (crystallisation, oiling, shampooing, to name but a few), our expert company can clean all your flooring.

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Professional cleaning for graffiti removal

Tags and graffiti are typically hard to remove. To complete this task, our professional experts use special techniques and products, carefully selected for your external materials.

We also suggest protecting your walls and surface with a water-repellent product as a preventative measure. This will facilitate future cleaning.

Our specialist professional cleaning services

We attach particular importance to training and acquiring new skills. This allows us to offer high-quality, highly specialised services. In addition to our standard and one-off cleaning services, we also offer support after an incident (fire, flood, etc.), after a death in the home or where a compulsive hoarder has been living in a property.

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