Professional maintenance services that we can perform for you include:

  • Removing bulky items from your home
  • Maintaining your heating and air conditioning
  • Replacing lighting in private and professional premises
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Maintaining your flooring
  • And much more besides

Collecting waste and bulky items from your home

People need bulky items collected from their homes for a variety of reasons: old furniture they no longer use, bulky items cluttering up the basement, waste after renovations or cleaning a home after someone has died.

Our team of professionals can collect your waste and bulky items for disposal at the recycling centre.

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Maintaining your heating and air conditioning

To prevent your heating or air conditioning from breaking down, it’s always a good idea to perform comprehensive maintenance on your systems. Our company specialises in professional maintenance tasks, such as dust removal, drainage and purging your radiators. We can also clean the filters in your air conditioning system, replace your carbon filters and so on.

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Installing LED lighting in your premises

Whether you are a business or an individual, we can replace your lighting with new, more energy-efficient lights that are also more environmentally friendly. We can also offer support beforehand, by carrying out an audit of your electrical system and offering advice about the choice of devices.

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Painting work and professional maintenance of your flooring

Our operatives offer tidy, professional work for all your indoor and outdoor painting jobs (internal and external walls, ceilings). We also specialise in laying and maintaining any kind of flooring (parquet, Quick-Step, linoleum, carpet, etc.).

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Professional maintenance of plumbing and bathrooms

We offer services for maintaining and repairing the bathroom and toilet facilities in your business or your home. We can help out quickly and effectively in the event of a blockage or leak, so you can use your facilities again with complete peace of mind.

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Our professional gardening and maintenance services for your green spaces

Allow us to maintain your garden and green spaces. We can take care of your plants, mow your lawn, prune your trees and so on. Our landscaping services can also assist you in designing and creating your gardens.

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